October 21, 2010

Content Strategy

Presenter: Jeri Hastava

Jeri Hastava (Leap of Faith Web Design), Web Designer, Content Developer and Writer will give us some insights on:

  1. What is a Website Content Strategy?
  2. Where does Social Media fit into the equation?
  3. Where a Content Strategy fits into a project.
  4. Resources and examples.

Jeri will also share what she has learned about Content Strategy at O'Reilly's (Web 2.0 Expo) in May and Voices that Matter Conference (voicesthatmatter.com) in June, both in San Francisco.

Read The Discipline of Content Strategy by Kristina Halvorson on A List Apart to get some background on this somewhat recently coined term.

Group discussion at 8:30 on:

  • Email Spam Encoding: Some of us have our own systems. Please bring your code along (or have a place we can see it online) to explain yours.
  • Captcha: Best types/sites to use, etc. Share your knowledge with the rest of us.

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