January 17, 2013

Digital Distraction - Optimizing your Human-ness

Presenter: Ben Klocek

In a time when we are constantly connected yet isolated, searching for meaning yet distracted from our task, it becomes increasingly important to consciously cultivate an awareness of how our use of technology is affecting us.

Expectations of speed, availability, and increased output are impacting our ability to truly innovate. As our expectations require us to act increasingly machine-like (analytical, logical, information-centered), our abilities to empathize, play, understand nuance, create beauty, and synthesize the big picture are at risk of being lost.
We'll explore ways of remaining conscious to this effect, and ways to avoid the poor inner habits our devices seem to invite.

About Ben Klocek
Ben has been building Websites since 1994. He spent a few years in the corporate world as the Web Creative Director for Meyer Sound in Berkeley.

Ben now is a freelance consultant with a wide variety of expertise in Web strategy, development, SEO on several CMSs including WordPress and Drupal. To read more about Ben, go to his site at bracia.com. He is also a terrific designer. While at his site, check out his portfolio (bracia.com/portfolio).

Twitter: @benklocek
Email: ben@bracia.com

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