January 20, 2011

How to Grow your Business in 2011

Presenter: Group Discussion

Are you in need of some marketing direction?
Online and traditional marketing professionals will share their expertise and tips on marketing in a tough economic climate. We will cover Google AdWords, traditional marketing concepts and best practices.


  1. Half of all advertising dollars are wasted. Reduce waste by starting with a clear marketing strategy, goals and message.
  2. Online advertising
    • Google adwords: how a home-based business grew six-fold (NYTimes)
    • Google Places: $25/month to feature bricks-and-mortar businesses
    • Geotargeting Ads
    • Online Display Ads
    • Online Classifieds
  3. Word of mouth
    • Get happy customers to give you stars on Yelp, Google Places, Wacco BB, Bing local
    • How to get customers to give you more referrals

This meeting will be a group discussion (of all attending) with knowledgeable professionals starting the topics.

Anet Dunne, Creates business Websites & Google advertising to boost their sales
Google AdWords advertising helped Amy Gottesman, owner of Smash Party Entertainment, make her business a success. The New York Times wrote two articles about how she did it.

Should you try this? Anet will review the pitfalls and show you what it takes to get your ad on the first page of the Google results.

See Anet's blog article on Amy: Google Ads bring Six-Fold Increase To Amy.

About Anet
With more than 30 years experience in sales and marketing, Anet Dunne uses her background in television and Internet technology to create Websites that bring in new customers for businesses using advertising on Google and Yahoo.

You can learn more about Anet at her site, A Net Gain for Revenue.

Hasan Luongo, co-founder of hoodiepeople.com and an Online Marketing Consultant
Hasan will talk about using Google pay-per-click, display ads (when and where they may work or not), geotargeting ads (targeting local customers) for service based businesses.

About Hasan
Hasan is a co-founder at hoodiepeople.com , an e-commerce apparel retail startup.

He is also currently consulting on all facets of online marketing and UI/UX for GroupPrice.com, a Groupon style deal site focused on local services, software and supplies for small businesses.

Jaco Grobbelaar, Marketing Expert
He says:
Whether you’re a new or seasoned business owner, one thing stays constant — you need to consistently attract new clients to both stay in business and grow your business.

Irrespective the economic conditions, as a business owner you need to have three things in place to make sure your business succeeds:

  1. Sound business fundamentals and a compelling marketing message
  2. Practical but simple marketing strategies and action plans
  3. An organized, step-by-step selling process

Jaco will discuss these and other concepts to help you kickstart 2011.

About Jaco
Jaco Grobbelaar is the owner of BroadVision Marketing (broadvisionmarketing.com) in Petaluma.

He has been working with business owners and service professionals since 1994 helping his clients to consistently attract customers, have strong referral sources to get more word-of-mouth business, grow businesses to go to the “next level,” establish a brand, develop a clear vision and understand the game of marketing.

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