June 16, 2011

Tips & Tricks with SEO, SEM and SMO, Best Practices

Presenter: Group Discussion with Jay Peretz & Kyle Kazak

Put on your SEO, SEM and SMO thinking caps. What do these acronyms mean* and how do you get the most out of them? Join Jay and Kyle who will take us through the tools and options, the dos and don'ts.

* The Acronyms' Definitions:
SEO = Search Engine Optimization
SEM = Search Engine Marketing
SMO = Social Media Optimization

Internet search engines are how most consumers discover information and make decisions about general and local products and services.

Social networks such as Facebook and Yelp can help businesses use the internet for word-of-mouth marketing and interacting with committed clients.

We will discuss techniques that Web developers use to:

  • Build Web properties that stand out on search engine results
  • How to assist clients in developing effective Internet business listings and citations
  • How to run an effective paid search campaign coordinated with an organic campaign
  • How to develop consistent brand identity and user interaction on the popular social media sites

Jay Peretz is an Adjunct Instructor in Computer Studies at Santa Rosa Junior College. He teaches classes in Flash, Dreamweaver, Javascript and other Web technologies.

Jay is an Adobe Certified Instructor specializing in Flash and Dreamweaver. Jay has been designing Websites commercially in Sonoma County since 2005.

He has over 25 years of management experience at banking and software companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jay started at Oracle Corporation in Redwood Shores in 1991 and was Vice President of Global Partner Services from 1999-2004.

From 1985-1990, Jay was Assistant Vice President of Corporate Treasury and Accounting at San Francisco Federal Savings (later acquired by Citi) in San Francisco.

He is also currently manager of Internet Marketing at PBHS, Inc. in Santa Rosa, California.

Jay spoke at North Bay Internet Society last summer when he took us on a very fun trip using HTML5. He also was a speaker at the recent North Bay Web Design Conference on HTML5: What You Should be Using Today.

Kyle Kazak began building Websites over ten years before founding Kazak Media in 2006.

Kyle says, “My observation and participation throughout the formative years of Web design, Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization has given me a unique combination of knowledge, skills and strategic insight.

“I founded Kazak Media with the goal of bringing together a team with the spectrum of ability necessary to remain a dynamic force using proven methods and the newest technology.”

In February, Kazak Media became a Google AdWords Certified Partner.

The Google Adwords Certified Partner recognition is part of Google’s Adwords Professional program, which certifies companies as being qualified to manage AdWords accounts under Google’s certification program.

Companies employing Google Qualified individuals may achieve Google Certified Partner status. In order to become a Google Qualified Individual, one must pass two Google certification exams regarding AdWords policies, account management, strategies and best practices.

Kyle received his Bachelor of Science degree with an option in small business management from CSU Chico.

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