September 15, 2011

Design & Development for Mobile Devices

Presenter: Jared White

Follow Up:
Jared has posted a PDF of his presentation: NBIS Mobile Devices PDF

Here is click-through slide show of Jared's from another presentation: Post PC - Website Development in a Mobile, Touch-based World

It’s the browser wars all over again, only this time the differences aren’t between competing presentations of markup but between vastly different input devices. The mouse, long the bedrock of user interaction design, has given way to a new era of finger-based touch.

Touchscreens have certainly been with us for a while, but only recently have they begun to impact the world of web design in a dramatic fashion. The iOS revolution started it, Android, Windows Phone 7, and now Windows 8 are continuing it, and our industry is still grappling with the ramifications.

Join Jared White for this group discussion of what it means to be a web designer, developer or content creator in this new era of mobile devices.

Discover key statistics that show the amazing growth of mobile devices and see examples of the major differences between the way people consume content in mobile vs. traditional desktop settings.

You will learn:

  • How to approach the philosophy of mobile design, with visual examples
  • How to install the iOS simulator (on the Mac) and Android simulator, as well as tips on developing with a desktop browser masquerading with a mobile user agent string
  • How to use a framework like jQuery Mobile to speed up the mobile development process
  • What options are available to you with popular CMSs like WordPress and Drupal

You’ll walk away from this meeting feeling inspired and ready to take on the needs of mobile touch users. Remain in charge of your future as you work in this exciting new area of technology.

jQuery Mobile
iOS Simulator
Android Emulator
jQM Showcase

About Jared White
Twitter: @WebDevJared

Jared White is the Owner and Creative Director of Siteshine, a digital media agency based in Santa Rosa, CA. He helps Siteshine’s customers create fantastic online experiences via website design, social media expertise and cloud business consulting.

He brings 14 years of experience to the table, from his extensive work in graphical UI/UX to backend technologies such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, and JSP.

Jared has worked with a variety of SMB clients and large corporate accounts, from DJs, psychologists and iOS app developers, to book publishers, networking companies and the largest parenting resource site in America, BabyCenter.

He is also a public speaker and has presented at many technology and business groups. Jared was a featured speaker at the North Bay Web Design Conference in 2011.

In addition to his work at Siteshine, Jared White is also host of North Bay Startup, an online TV show and blog that covers the nexus of business, arts & technology north of the Golden Gate. Watch episodes for free at:

When he’s not wearing his business hat, you’ll find Jared on a hiking adventure up in the mountains, composing and listening to light ambient music, planting a missional house church and spending quality time at home with his wife Rosemary, his expected baby girl, and his two cats.

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