November 17, 2011

Lightning Talks - Our First Ever

Presenter: A Smart and Talented Bunch

NBIS will have it's first Lightning Talks meeting. What is a Lightning Talk? As defined by Wikipedia, it is: "... a short presentation given at a conference or similar forum. Unlike other presentations, lightning talks last only a few minutes and several will usually be delivered in a single period by different speakers."

Join us for an evening of smart, funny and fun folks telling us about their passions, projects and opinions on new/old technology.

Do YOU want to be one of the Lightning Talk talkers?
If so, see below: More Info.

Current list of participants (more to come):
Tasha Beauchamp, Elder Pages Online

Cittaslow Sebastopol: Local flavor/global vision goes high tech!

Cittaslow is a national (Cittaslow USA on Facebook) and international (CittaslowInternational) network of 145 small cities around the world who want to retain their local color and traditions while they make optimal use of technology in the context of sustainable development.

Learn about the local initiative and how this can both support our local tech businesses as well as offering opportunities for the tech community to support what makes Sebastopol wonderful.

About Tasha Beauchamp
Tasha Beauchamp is an Internet-based content marketer who is also involved in grassroots community development projects.

Jeffrey Schmidt, DeepSky Marketing

What are 3 important aspects of Internet marketing?

Jeffrey will talk about three important aspects of Internet marketing: Search, Social and System.

Strategies revolving around search engine marketing and social media are good ways to bring people to your site. From that point studies show that if you implement a step by step sales system you will have an advantage over 91% of your competition.

About Jeffrey Schmidt
Jeffrey started his career in marketing research 1980. He has owned an advertising agency for more than 25 years. Whether he is working with traditional advertising or Internet marketing his goal is to set up selling programs that produce more money than they cost.

Renée Kirk, Sage Interactive Inc.

New Futures Network

Renee would like to share a project she is currently working on — New Futures Network. Renee and her team are in the process of building New Futures Network using Ning, a social media tool and platform.

New Futures Network is an online community where government employees and their partners in the private sector come together to learn from each other, problem solve, and collaborate to build an environmentally sustainable future. The intent of the community is to ensure that people in these positions have the information, the tools, and the support network needed to be effective and successful.

The primary target audience includes city, county, and regional government employees who are focused on sustainability issues and the service providers, NGOs, and academic communities that support them.

About Renée Kirk
Renee has been an instructional designer for the past 25 years. In 1993, she and her husband Steve Kirk formed Sage Interactive Inc., an instructional and information design company that has produced over a hundred programs ranging from online training and knowledge support systems to workshops and documentation. Additional services include organizational development, business process mapping and improvement, and analysis.

Michael Slater, Webvanta

Why restaurant websites suck — and what you can do about it

We all know restaurant websites suck. Whether it's at the low end or the high end, they tend to suck in different ways. It turns our there are clear reasons for this sad state of affairs, and some powerful forces that will drive change. You can help push that change and, if you’re a designer or enterpreneur, there's a great opportunity to benefit from it.

About Michael Slater
Michael has been building websites since the dawn of the web. For the past four years, he’s been the cofounder and CEO of Webvanta, which provides a hosted CMS, site-building services for designers, and now, restaurant websites!

Les Nightingill, Perennial Hacker

docx, pptx, xslx, wtf?

How the OpenXML document initiative enables programmatic generation and interpretation of Microsoft Office documents.

About Les Nightingill
See Les' Backbone.js talk from October 2011:
More about Les (or, Les is about more...)

Our Lightning Talk parameters:

  • One person talking about some subject he/she is passionate about (or, at least very interested)
  • Could have slides or not
  • Could use the Internet to show visuals or not
  • Presenter is in control of their slides/visual presentation (but would have the use of a laptop and the Internet)
  • 10 minutes each (or could be less if it works out that way)
  • Tech related subjects (or vaguely tech, see list below for some suggestions)
  • Stand at the front of the room or sit on your chair at the table, up to you.
  • Don’t kill yourself preparing — this should be fun, not painful

Next Step – email Janet (

  1. Your name
  2. Title of your talk
  3. A short description of your talk (one+ lines)
  4. A place to direct people online (your site, the project)
  5. One+ line about yourself and/or your company
  6. If you think you will want to have visuals (slides, access to Internet or something else)
  7. If you need to do yours early on in the evening (if you think you can’t stay til 9)
    (Items 1-5 will be posted on the NBIS site.)

Possible subjects:

  • Web/Internet related project, past, present, future
  • Some new technology
  • Some old technology, still good to talk about
  • A tech person making ripples in the world, past, present
  • A non-tech business using tech in new and exciting ways (anything from garbage pickup to medicine, food to illegal drugs, weather to politics...)
  • Your own personal theory on how the past has effected the present or what you think will happen in the future
  • Talk about your own business (or biz you work for), what you do that is different from others or at least your twist on it that might be new to others


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