February 16, 2012

Building Your Home Media Center

Presenter: Tom Negrino

These days, it’s easy to get your media in electronic form and playing on your Mac. You can purchase music as MP3 downloads from the iTunes Store or many other stores. You can rent movies and TV shows from multiple stores. You can even view your Netflix subscriptions and YouTube videos. But most of us really want to enjoy our media in our most comfortable environment: our home living room, with the biggest TV, the best sounds, and the most comfy chairs.

A flurry of hardware and software solutions are available to get video and audio media into your living room and onto your iOS devices. Apple TV, Plex, Boxee, Blu-Ray players, and many others are competing for your attention and dollars. In this session, you’ll see the best ways to put together a home media center that works for you.

Tom NegrinoAbout Tom Negrino, in his own words...
Hi. I’ve been writing about Macs, other computers, and software since dinosaurs ruled the earth. OK, it’s actually been since 1987. I began writing for the late MacGuide magazine, and started writing for Macworld shortly thereafter. I was a Contributing Editor at Macworld from 1990 through 2004. We parted on good terms, and I still write for them. Over the years, I’ve also written for most of the other Mac magazines.

I wrote my first solo book in 1994, and wrote my first commercially successful book in 1997, JavaScript for the Web, Visual QuickStart Guide, written with my then girlfriend and now wife, Dori Smith. That book has been in print ever since, though we’ve revised it many times to match the growth of JavaScript and other Web technologies.

As you can see on this page (Tom Negrino Books at Amazon), I’ve written or co-written many more books, notably on Dreamweaver, Apple’s Keynote, and the Microsoft Office programs.

My latest book is iCloud: Visual QuickStart Guide.

In late 1999, we moved from the Los Angeles area to the Sonoma wine country. It’s a better place to live in general and was a fine place to raise our son. Now that he’s grown, it’s just us and our very excellent cat, Pixel, who always makes an appearance in each book.

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