June 21, 2012

Our Favorite Sites

Presenter: Group Discussion

We are going to share our favorite sites/projects with each other for this meeting. This isn't just an exercise in fun. We will discuss what we like (and perhaps dislike) about the sites' design and technological features and the type of information they provide.

This process can enlighten all of us how others perceive the content but especially other technicians and designers. The goal is to be able to see things in a different way, like an Escher painting. Some people may see the same Web page as cluttered and annoying where others may see it as information rich and exactly what they want to know.

Go to the blog post to post your favorites: Post Yours

(The post of URLs will remain here after the meeting so anyone can access them.)

The sites/projects you like can be based on any criteria. These could be:

  • User interface
  • Overall design
  • Sites with great, clear content
  • Sites you can easily learn from
  • Great features such as jQuery, Flash (yes, some still do exist and are liked), other animation, drippingly cool images (to feed our senses)
  • Knock-down funny
  • Sites you spend a lot of time on because... (please, no X rated or violent)
  • Kid friendly
  • Non profits really getting their messages across
  • Marketing brilliance
  • Sites so disastrously bad they are good

In the meantime, here are a few sites I like:
1. diller scofidio + renfro: dsrny.com
Yes, it is Flash but it is really something. They are a sort of rogue architectural firm who has designed amazing buildings all over the world.

  • On the site, scroll toward the back of the popped up images.
  • In the bottom left corner, you can change the view to text (Index).
  • In either the Photo or Index view, click on one of the categories at the top (art, commercial, etc.) and see what happens.
  • Click on any one image or text group and it zooms in.

Can this be done in jQuery/JavaScript?
If you want to find out more about these folks, you can see an great interview with them by Charlie Rose at:

2. All My Faves: allmyfaves.com
It's great to have a bunch of sites so easily categorized and shown by their logos. I often use this page to find one of these businesses.

They have Weekly Faves at the top which are sites you may never have heard of but are unique in some way, ones they feel should be highlighted or a new idea.

You can also customize/manage your own faves, see a full page in one category (like Travel) or submit your own faves. FAQs has good explanations of the site.

3. TED Talksted.com
Great site if you want to be exposed to amazing ideas in just a few minutes. I like the way the thumbnails popup to show more about that talk.

By the way, here is one I watched the other day that was great: Michael Norton: How to buy happiness

4. For my news, I visit several times a day the following sites:
Rachel Maddow Show
All other MSNBC shows (Lawrence O'Donnell, Andrea Mitchell, etc.)
Their site format lets me see short bits (10-20 min.), well written news items throughout the day. I have even watched the videos on my iPodTouch.

Need some help finding sites? Go to:
The Webby Awards: Webby Awards winners
Scroll down lick on any year or category (Websites, Interactive Advertising...). Then scroll down for listings.

Go to the blog post to post your favorites: Post Yours

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