October 18, 2012

The Client / Agency (Freelancer) Relationship

Presenter: Mark Swedlund

Are you a freelance or Internet agency professional? If you are then you know that a big part of getting and keeping new business is understanding the mindset of your customers.

Can you anticipate their needs, add unexpected value, and speak their language? If not you're going to lose significant business because sooner or later you'll be competing with someone who can do these things.

Are you on the client side with a limited budget and need to get the most out of your contractors? If so, then you need to understand how agency professionals and freelancers think.

Where are the areas you'll need to be crystal clear in your communication? How set the stage for them to happily go the extra mile?

Mark Swedlund is an expert in marketing, e-commerce, and advertising and has worked on both sides of the client / agency divide. If you are on the agency / freelance side Mark can help you understand the mindset of the people in your target market.

If you are on the agency side Mark can help you understand the big picture so you can be more effective when communicating with management, as well as agencies and freelancers. He will also help business managers grasp the complete process they will need to implement for all of these groups to function together.

About Mark Swedlund
In 1978 Mark began his career in catalog and retail marketing as a consultant working with clients such as American Express, American Girls, Chadwick’s of Boston, and Bedford Fair. Mark moved to Sebastopol as President of the Sebastopol based HearthSong children’s toy stores and catalog. With four partners Mark built Haggin Marketing into a 200+ employee direct marketing ad agency, serving Dell, AT&T, eBay, Sunglass Hut and others.

You can contact Mark at:

1495 Hurlbut Ave
Sebastopol, CA 95472
707 861-9345
707 479 3528 (mobile)

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