November 15, 2012

WordPress Database Management

Presenter: Phil Hershkowitz with Niklas Dahlqvist

UPDATE After Meeting:
Here is the link to Phil's custom post types presentation:

Thank you Phil and Niklas for a great presentation.

Quick reference: The plug-in Phil showed us is: Custom Content Type Manager, CTM

Did you know you can use WordPress like a database management system?

It may not be the most elegant choice for a database management application, but it can do it.

There is actually a lot of database functionality built into WordPress. That’s not too surprising considering it is a content management system.

Like a relational database, you can define entity types like people and pets and create relationships between them, for example a person owns a pet.

Those custom entity types can have custom fields. You can create custom data entry forms for those entity types.

A custom field can be constrained by a lookup list or taxonomy, for example, breed type.

And you can create custom display templates to display that information the way you want it.

If your primary goal is to have a content management system with custom database types, you probably would be better off with a database application perhaps built in PHP or Rails.

But if you primarily have a standard business website and you need some form of customization, you can do that in WordPress.

In this presentation, Phil will show you how to create custom content types with custom fields and display them to your liking.

While it’s possible to do all that I’ve described using all hand coded PHP, I will use the popular plug-in Custom Content Type Manager to save time and streamline the process. (The plug-in, Custom Content Type Manager, CTM, has been downloaded 41,000 times.)

Who is this meeting for?
It is certainly for the advanced WordPress user. But if those of you who are not advance or even new to WordPress, there are reasons to attend.

For current users of or are new to WordPress, see the potential WordPress has that you could start implementing.

For those who hire out your WordPress sites, know it's capabilities in order to better direct your subcontractors.

About Phil Hershkowitz
Phil is an experienced Internet Marketer and Search Engine Optimization Specialist. He most recently worked for an agency where he handled many SEO clients running WordPress sites.

Phil has worked with computers since 1974 and has used the Internet since 1994 when he installed his first browser while working at Stanford (where he neglected to ask Yahoo founder Jerry Yang for a job). In his long career, he has worked as a developer, webmaster, database designer and a network engineer.

Phil loves marketing as well as programming. Phil says, “What’s the point of a beautiful website, if no one ever finds it.”

About Niklas Dahlqvist
Niklas will be presenting with Phil. Niklas is Swedish and an experienced WordPress developer.

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