May 20, 2010

Reports: Social Media Conference, WordCamp, Web 2.0 Expo & Informal Member Discussions

Presenter: Group discussion

Reports by NBIS members on recent conferences attended. Roohi Moola, producer of the SocialBiz2010, will join us.

Roohi can tell us her plans for the next social media conference, tentatively this fall.

Hightlights from: WordCamp (Anet Dunne) and Web 2.0 Expo (several of us).

Short video on Transmedia for quick intro:
In Transmedia storytelling, content becomes invasive and permeates fully the audience's lifestyle. A transmedia project develops storytelling across multiple forms of media in order to have different "entry points" in the story; entry-points with a unique and independent lifespan but with a definite role in the big narrative scheme.

Roundtable discussions: Josh Woodlander will be discussing his research on CRMs (Customer Relationship Management). If time, others can bring up topics they want to discuss.

North Bay Internet Society

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